Brake plate and shoes

Brake plate and shoes

The brake plate, often an integral part of a motorcycle's braking system, deserves equal attention as the secondary chain components highlighted by JAWASHOP. The brake plate, also known as the brake disc, is a crucial component in ensuring the safety and performance of your bike.

Why choose brake plates for your motorcycle?

  • Enhanced safety: Brake plates are central to the braking system, converting kinetic energy into thermal energy to slow down or stop your motorcycle. A well-maintained brake plate is essential for safe riding.
  • Material excellence: Like JAWASHOP's secondary chain components, brake plates are made from high-quality materials, often steel or carbon composites, ensuring durability and reliability under various riding conditions.
  • Compatibility: Brake plates are designed to fit a wide range of motorcycles, including popular models like JAWA and CEZETA. They are crucial for both front and rear braking systems and work in tandem with other parts like the caliper and brake arm lever.

Key features of high-quality brake plates

  • Efficient heat dissipation: A good brake plate efficiently dissipates heat, crucial for maintaining braking performance and preventing brake fade during prolonged use.
  • Durability: High-end brake plates resist wear and tear, offering longevity and consistent performance.
  • Optimized design: Many brake plates come with drilled or slotted designs for better heat dissipation and water clearance, which is especially beneficial in wet conditions.

Try our brake plates and shoes now!

Just as JAWASHOP emphasizes the importance of secondary chain components for power transmission and smooth riding, the brake plate plays a pivotal role in your motorcycle's safety and performance. Whether it's a disc brake for your front wheel or a rear brake plate, investing in quality components is key to a superior riding experience. Remember to regularly check and maintain these crucial parts to ensure your motorcycle is always ready for the road.

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