The essence of a historic motorcycle lies in its heart-throbbing performance and timeless aesthetics, a realm where our gears at JAWASHOP play a pivotal role. Our meticulously crafted gears ensure that your cherished JAWA and CEZETA motorcycles not only retain their original charm but perform with a vigor reminiscent of their glorious past. Whether it's the transmission that needs a touch of perfection, or the engine awaiting to roar in its full might, our gears are the bridge to reliving the legendary ride.

Why choose gears from JAWASHOP?

  • Authenticity: Experience the genuine essence of classic motorcycles with gears crafted to original specifications.
  • Historical integrity: Our gears uphold the historical integrity of JAWA and CEZETA motorcycles, honoring their legendary engineering.
  • Expert craftsmanship: With a touch of expert craftsmanship, our gears are a tribute to the era of iconic rides.

Quality of our gears

Our gears for JAWA and CEZETA motorcycles are more than just replacement parts; they are a ticket to a time when riding was a noble venture. The quality of our gears is unmatched, mirroring the original craftsmanship that went into these masterpieces on two wheels. The main qualities of these gearbox and clutch parts are:

  • Precision engineering: Precision is at the heart of our gears, ensuring a performance that’s true to the original design.
  • Restoration ready: Our gears are restoration-ready, promising a fit that revives the spirit of your classic ride.
  • Performance enhancement: Step into a realm of enhanced performance, where every gear is a promise of a ride that’s smooth, powerful, and reminiscent of the original prowess your motorcycle was known for.

Reignite the legend: shop authentic gears now

Explore our extensive range of authentic gears and embark on a journey of restoration, reviving the legend that rides within your classic motorcycle. The legacy beckons, and it’s time to answer the call with gears that are a testimony to a glorious past. Shop now and reignite the timeless spirit of the ride!

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