Clutch and primary transfer

Clutch and primary transfer

Discover the epitome of classic motorcycle maintenance with our specially curated category of clutch and primary transfer systems for your beloved JAWA and CEZETA motorcycles. These essential components, the motorcycle clutch and primary transfer, serve as the linchpin in transmitting power from the engine to the gearbox, and ensuring your vintage ride responds with agility and precision to your every command.

Why choose a clutch from JAWASHOP?

  • Exclusively tailored: Our clutches are specifically designed to resonate with the vintage essence of JAWA and CEZETA motorcycles, ensuring a perfect fit and flawless functionality.
  • Historical accuracy: Maintain the authenticity of your vintage ride with our historically accurate motorcycle clutch plates and clutch spring motorcycle components.

Quality that speaks volumes

At JAWASHOP, the quality of our offerings is not merely a statement but a promise engraved into the vintage spirit of every JAWA and CEZETA enthusiast. Our clutches and primary transfer systems symbolize a blend of meticulous craftsmanship and modern-day engineering excellence.

  • Durability and reliability: Relish the robust construction of our clutches, promising longevity and consistent performance, a true companion for the many rides ahead.
  • Heat resistant technology: Experience the resilience of our motorcycle clutch plates, engineered to withstand high temperatures and demanding riding conditions.
  • Precision control: The impeccable design of our clutch spring motorcycle components ensures smooth engagement and disengagement, providing a riding experience that’s nothing short of legendary.

Take action! Elevate your vintage ride’s performance

Your cherished JAWA and CEZETA motorcycles are not just rides; they are stories, they are legacies. Continue the narrative with a clutch and primary transfer system that’s worthy of your vintage companion. Explore, invest, and reignite the historic charisma of your ride. Your journey through time awaits!

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