Brake pedal

Brake pedal

Step into a realm where history meets functionality with our exclusive collection of motorcycle brake pedals at JAWASHOP. The brake pedal, your trustworthy companion, commands the stopping power of your vintage JAWA or CEZETA motorcycle, ensuring a hard brake with brakes when it matters the most.

Why choose JAWASHOP’s brake pedals

Historically accurate: Adorn your vintage ride with brake pedals that respect its historical essence.

Premium craftsmanship: Our brake pedals are crafted to perfection, ensuring a seamless blend with your vintage motorcycle.

Uncompromised safety: Experience a hard brake pedal that stands the test of time and rides, promising an unyielding performance.

Easy installation: Get back on the nostalgic road sooner with our user-friendly installation.

Brake pedal excellence: quality that speaks

The meticulous craftsmanship infused into each brake pedal reflects the heralded tradition of JAWA and CEZETA motorcycles. The stellar performance of these brake pedals doesn’t just stop at providing a hard brake; it extends to maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your vintage ride. The best qualities of these accessories are:

Durability: Our brake pedals promise lasting companionship with your motorcycle.

Performance: Experience a hard brake pedal that responds with precision, every time.

Aesthetic harmony: The design and finish of our brake pedals complement the vintage aura of your JAWA or CEZETA, adding to its timeless charm.

Start your classic journey with brake pedals at JAWASHOP

Equip your motorcycle with a brake pedal that’s more than a part; it’s a passage through time. Seize the essence of history, embrace the control, and continue the legacy that rides within. Explore now.

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