Jawa 250 type 559 Panelka (1962 - 1974) Spare Parts

Jawa 250 type 559 Panelka (1962 - 1974) Spare Parts

In search of dependable spare parts for your Jawa CZ 250 motorcycle, also known as the Jawa 250 Breeze? You've arrived at the right destination. At JAWASHOP, we provide a broad selection of spare parts for JAWA and CEZETA motorcycles, including those specifically designed for the Jawa 250 type 559 Panelka, a member of the Jawa 250-350 Panelka 559-360 category. We're confident you'll find just what your Jawa 250 Breeze needs right here. We understand the significance of maintaining the integrity and performance of your Jawa 250, especially models like Jawa 559, Jawa 250 559, Java 250, Jawa 250 typ 559 and Jawa Panelka 250. 

Jawa CZ 250 - Technical parameters

The Jawa 250 breeze boasts a number of technical parameters that set this motorcycle apart from other motorcycles on the market. It is a motorcycle with a two-stroke, air-cooled single cylinder engine with a displacement of 249 cm³. Engine bore is 65 mm, stroke is 75 mm and compression ratio is 7.7:1. The tank capacity is 13.5l and the engine of the Jawa 250 CZ achieves a power of up to 14 hp..

Jawa 250 spare parts offer

Our e-shop offers a wide range of spare parts for this Jawa breeze model, including:

  • Engine and crankcase
  • Gearbox and clutch
  • Fuel system
  • Secondary chain drive
  • Bowden cables
  • Exhaust system
  • Frame and accessories
  • Steering and handlebars
  • Mudguards and covers
  • Seats and covers
  • Wheels and brakes
  • Electrical equipment
  • Books
  • Other accessories

JAWASHOP focuses on the quality and reliability of its spare parts. Thanks to this you can be sure that the spare parts you purchase will be fully compatible with your Jawa 250 type 559 Panelka motorcycle

Selection of spare parts for Jawa CZ 250

When selecting spare parts for your Jawa 250 type 559 Panelka motorcycle, it is important to know exactly what part you need. This may include knowing the model and year of manufacture of your motorcycle, what type of part you need (for example, if it is an engine part, gearbox part, fuel system part, etc.), and specific information about the part such as its size or shape

For full information on parts, including their specifications, please see the "Parts by Category" menu.

Try our Jawa panelka 250 spare parts today!

Your Jawa 250, be it the Jawa 559, Jawa 250 559, Java 250, or any other model in the Jawa Panelka 250 series, deserves the best. At JAWASHOP, we're dedicated to providing you with superior spare parts that bring out the best in your motorcycle. Explore our extensive collection of model jawa 250 panelka and jawa 250 model and ensure your Jawa 250 Breeze continues to ride with the same elegance and efficiency it's known for. Visit us now and give your Jawa the care it deserves!


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