CZ 350 type 472 (1976 - 1989) Spare Parts

CZ 350 type 472 (1976 - 1989) Spare Parts

Dive into the specialized realm of CZ 350 type 472 (1976 - 1989) spare parts, a crucial segment within the broader CZ 250 - 350 type 471 - 472 (1974 - 1989) series. These motorcycles, renowned for their robust construction and timeless appeal, demand the highest level of attention and enhancement. Our selection of spare parts for the CZ 350 type 472 not only pays homage to the rich legacy of these motorcycles but also combines modern technology with unparalleled craftsmanship, propelling your CZ  and Jawa riding experience to unprecedented levels.

Why our CZ 350 type 472 spare parts stand out

  • Exceptional craftsmanship: Each component is crafted with meticulous precision, reflecting a commitment to innovation and excellence. This dedication enhances both the reliability and the aesthetics of your czetka jawa 350 motorcycle.
  • Extensive assortment: Our catalog encompasses everything needed for motorcycle maintenance and customization. From high-performance engine parts like the CZ 350 12v upgrades to unique cosmetic features like frames and accessories, we ensure your CZ 350 typ 472 showcases your personal style while capturing the essence of the legendary CZ motorcycle series, including variations like the CZ 350 472.6 and the broader 472-350 lineup.

Elevate your CZ 350 type 472 experience by exploring our collection on JAWA SHOP today. Our carefully curated spare parts not only celebrate the enduring legacy of CZ components, including the "czetka" Jawa 350 adaptation, but also secure the prestigious position of the CZ 350 type 472 in the heritage of CZ motorcycles.

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