Returning goods

Do you have broken or non-functional parts?

There is a 2-year warranty on all parts.
Please send us an email and describe the problem in detail. 
In the case of broken parts, please attach clear photographs thereof.

Did you order parts wHIch you can not use (e.g. do not fit your motorcycle)?

All UNUSED (not damaged, not scratched) parts can be returned to us. Once we have received and checked them, we will refund your money immediately.
If you want us to send you a replacement part, please create a new order independently of the returned part.

How to send parts back to us.

Use our shipping address on the Contact page.
Enclose an invoice and write a brief description of what is wrong (even if previously communicated via email).

Refund of returned part

Once we receive and check returned part we send you a refund for it.
Please note, we do not refund shipping cost of returned parts.
Customs fee of 30,- EUR is charged for all the packages coming from non-European Union countries.


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